Wk13-Artist Conversation-Krystal Ramirez

This week we had 5 artist at the galleries showcasing their work. They were all intriguing and interesting but Krystal’s work caught my eye not because it was some crazy art work but because of its simplicity. She showcased a table with 12 different plates of art work and she said she did this because it reminded  her of a sacred place at her home. When she told me that I had a smile on my face because i remembered that the table at my house use to be a sacred place, it is where we would gather and just talk, no electronics to distract us. She had some amazing pieces displayed on the table, they were all made of metal, mostly copper. Krystal is a senior and is graduating this semester, she went to an art high school and in that high school she took a welding class and that is how she got interested in metals. It took her three years to make this project. She wishes to do more work like this in the future.


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