Wk12-Art Activity-Ethnography

In this weeks art activity we had to spend any night this week without electricity. No computers, TVs, Mobile Devices, Light Bulbs, Dance Clubs, Movie Theaters, etc.
So I decided to do this on a Thursday night, once the sun went down I tried to do my daily routine which was do some homework shower and then sleep. 
And even though that might seem like a simple routine it was pretty difficult to do with no electricity! I had to do math homework without a calculator so I had to do so much more work then I had to do all this with just two candles. Then I had a dark shower, with no music so that was a quite and dark shower. 
I noticed from doing this that I am really dependent on electricity and things like my phone and graphing calculator. But it also felt nice to not be stuck on my phone or TV I was able to finish my homework without any distractions. 
At first it felt boring to just be in the dark but after awhile you feel better and get things done a lot quick. 
To be honest I really don’t know how people got through life without electricity. I have taken this resource for granted and will appreciate it more.

I stayed in our storage/closet area. The only place in the house that doesn’t have to many electronic devices.


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