Wk6-Art Gallery-Nonfiction Story Inspired by a Picture 

My life consist of three things:

    1. Food
    2. Beer
    3. Meme’s

    So I was truly excited when this weeks art gallery, had an artist that showcased meme’s. The artist name was Carmina Correa. The reason I got exited as well is because all I do is repost or share memes to my friends family or even the girl I’m talking to. The girl that I’m talking to now, we actually connected through memes. I sent her a Direct Message on Instagram and she sent one back and from there I knew I would like this person and we started dating all because of a meme. When I was done looking at the gallery I immediately called her to tell her she needs to come and see this gallery. We constantly sent he each other memes everyday, we love how dumb some memes can be and how clever others can be as well. We honestly do not know what we would do if memes weren’t around anymore. 


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