Wk4-Art Activity-Art Care Package 

For this activity, it was hard for me to pick someone to send my Art Care Package to because I’m not the kid of person that would send something like this. But I ended up picking my friend Jordan who I grew up with my whole life. She moved to Texas 3 years ago for work so I don’t see her as much unless she comes to visit or I go to visit. My art package contains a index card with a little message and some jokes on the back because we laugh at the lamest jokes. Also a Starbucks gift card because I hate coffee but she loves it and also a baby picture of us. Never really sent out mail before so this was a little weird for me but we will see what happens and if she sends something back or just texts me. I wish I was more creative so I can put some other stuff in the envelope but this is the best I can come up with that means something to me. 


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